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Questions about boat sharing syndicates?

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  What is Boat Sharing?  

Boatshare is more than just a boat sharing syndicate. We offer an all-inclusive “walk-on walk-off” service for our clients. All cleaning, maintenance, refurbishment, repairs, engine checks and vessel upkeeping work is done for the owners by Boatshare Company Ltd.There is absolutely nothing to worry about - you just pick up your boat on the day you have it booked and return it. We will take care of all work and costs associated with boat ownership:

- Boatcare Program
- Cleaning Inside and Outside to highest standards
- All Repairs and Equipment replacement
- Regular Maintenance, Engine services as prescribed
- Comprehensive insurance including Personal Accident liability
- Permanent Marina berthing
- Refurbishment of interior and equipment on a regular basis
- A fully equipped kitchen with all plates, cutlery, pots, pans, kettle, etc
- Installation of additional equipment as required by the owners
- Supply of fresh linen and blankets for all beds
- Re-fueling of boat with petrol / diesel after your use (excluding fuel costs)
- Skipper assisted “Valet Boat Parking” service at no additional cost
- Vessel value conservation program

The advantages of a Syndicate?

Boatshare Company Ltd offers an all-inclusive boat ownership program:
Why not share all the costs of a boat if you only enjoy it occasionally? For an initial investment, our owners buy a share of 25% in one of the boats & yachts managed by Boatshare Company Ltd. A 25% share will grant the owner use of the boat for 12 weeks per year for the life of the syndicate. After that, the boat is sold and the part-owner shares in the net proceeds of the sales price of the boat. Within the five years of boat usage, Boatshare Company Ltd. will provide a 5 star “walk-on walk-off” service arrangement that gives you and your family a hassle-free and enjoyable time on the water.

Why part-ownership instead of owning the whole boat?

Although we also offer Luxury sailing yachts, we take the following examples on Motor Cruisers.

Reason 1 - Justifyable capital investment and opportunity cost A Boat really is quite an expensive piece of lifestyle equipment. A new sizeable, prestigious 42 ft. cruiser including V.A.T with enough accomodation for the whole family would typically cost around €450,000. Such a “piece of luxury” owned outright (100%) will cost the owner the initial capital investment plus opportunity cost if paid for the boat in cash or interest paid if the boat is financed. Opportunity cost is the amount of interest you would have received if you would not have bought a boat but invested the money in a fixed term deposit instead. With the initial capital investment being around the €450,000 mark or even higher, the investment is huge and the opportunity cost/interest alone amounts to approximately €13,500 per year. With Boatshare Company Ltd., your capital needed for a fully equipped 42 foot luxury sportscruiser can be as low as €132,000 one-time investment in “true ownership” of a 25% share of the boat covering all maintenance, berthing, insurance costs, etc. Totally hassle free.

Reason 2 - Capital return to you when the boat is sold when a boat is sold, our owners share in the net proceeds. You will only have paid for the true depreciation of your boat. Our boat management program will endeavour to ensure the resale value of each boat in our shared ownership arrangement retains the maximum resale value. Our boats will typically depreciate between 35% and 45% within a 5 year ownership period - it depends on the type of vessel. Ask us for details.

Reason 3 - Cost-effective boat ownership For a new 42 ft. luxury cruiser in the example above, the normal upkeeping costs are approx. €15,500 per year
(berthing, insurance, services etc) plus approximately €30,000 in depreciation if owned outright (plus any amount of interest if the boat is financed). The financial burden of owning a boat is huge and often underestimated by boat purchasers. As a part-owner through Boatshare Company Ltd., you will only pay your fixed amount of annual maintenance that includes all costs associated with sole boat ownership. For example, our 42ft. cruiser would attract an all-inclusive maintenance contribution of only €11,582 per year. Our boat owners own their boat, and at the same time save approximately 75% of the normal costs that come with sole boat ownership - and still use the boat a generous 12 weeks per year. Most people would not use a boat more than that.

Reason 4 - No commitment for maintenance and administration of the boat ownership is more than simply a question of financial costs, it also means a lot of time spent on organising repairs, slipways, spare parts, engine checks... Just ask a boat-owner: The chores are endless. And if a boat is not maintained well it will depreciate even faster and give the owner less enjoyment. Boatshare Company Ltd. takes care of all operational aspects involved in boat ownership for the part-owners. Our service offers all-inclusive stroll-on, stroll-off boating. All our boats are maintained in spotless condition throughout the ownership period, with focus on detail and value conservation. Our service is tailor made for busy people who would like to enjoy a boating lifestyle
without the price tag and commitment.

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Wondering how much it will cost to enjoy a boat or yacht of your own? 

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