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Want to own a boat or yacht all the hassle or the cost? 

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Q. I've never driven such a large boat. How do I learn?
  A. Every owner receives a full days training in berthing and handling regardless of their experience. Training is done on your own boat by a fully accredited trainer.  An ongoing  training program is provided by Boatshare
Q. How many owners are there in each vessel?
  A. There is an option of one quarter share.  One owner can own more than one share.
Q. Does sharing the ownership of the boat effect the feeling of ownership?
  A. No, in fact there is never any feeling of sharing the boat. It is YOUR boat. All equipment remains onboard for your use. The next time you step onboard your boat it has been professionally cleaned and prepared for you.
Q. How do you know that the other owners will look after the boat the way I do?
  A. Each owner has the same interest as yourself and is carefully selected and trained by Boatshare in the proper use and care of the boat.
Q. How often do I get to use the boat and who decides who gets it when?
  A. Each owner falls into a rotating weekly roster. The roster simply keeps on cycling until the end of the agreed term.  It is common for owners to swap weeks amongst themselves.
Q. Who gets the peak weekends?
  A. In the 4 year duration of the boats there are 4 Christmas's, 4 Easters, 4 August breaks etc. If you get Christmas this year you won't get it next year.
Q. What if I can't use the boat in my allocated week?
  A. Most owners are flexible and are happy to swap here and there. They will surely want to swap a week at some stage as well.
Q. To what extent do owners interact?
  A. Owners are free to contact the other owners in their boat. Contact details are made known to each owner at the point of commissioning the boat.  Boatshare organised social functions thru out the year where owners meet and also day/weekend boating excursions.
Q. When does my week start and finish?
  A. The boats are taken out of service one day every week to allow Boatshare to clean, service and provision the boat for the next owner.  Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday are our allocated cleaning days.  If your boat is cleaned on a Wednesday you are able to board at 5pm that evening and return the boat to the Marina by 7am on the following Wednesday.
Q. Where is the vessel moored?
  A. Our fleet of sailing yachts and Luxury power boats are moored at the Portomaso Marina on the east coast of Malta in St Julians. 
Q. How do I reserve a share?
  A. By contacting us through the info found on our contact us page.

Wondering how much it will cost to enjoy a boat or yacht of your own? 

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